Quantum-Safe Canada was established to drive the efforts necessary to prepare for and respond to the quantum threat to encryption and cybersecurity — and to grasp the economic opportunities that exist in properly managing that threat.  It is a not-for-profit organisation directed by a group of highly accomplished leaders from Canada’s academia, government and industry.

Quantum-Safe Canada’s vision is a Canada that:

Has ensured that government systems and other critical infrastructure are secured against the quantum threat.

→ Is recognised globally for its innovative achievements in scientific research in quantum science and cryptography.

→ Is recognised for its success in commercialising products of that research into advanced quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms and quantum cryptography.

→ Is recognised as a cybersecurity powerhouse that is fully capable of both defending national security and exporting advanced quantum-safe technology, tools and expertise.

Our vision is ambitious and credible, and our initiative is proactive and multifaceted.  Quantum-Safe Canada advocates for forward-looking investment in the necessary scientific research and commercialisation, and for responsible public policy.  We are prepared to move forward in concert with our partners in government, industry and academia, building on Canada’s existing strengths and leadership in science, technology and policy development.