June 27, 2019

Economic Opportunities

the economic opportunities

"The development of revolutionary technologies like quantum encryption will provide Canadians with security, safety, reliable government services and protection of their privacy. Investment creates new opportunities to develop a highly qualified workforce in Canada and opens new markets and commercial opportunities worldwide."

Quantum-Safe Canada was established to drive efforts to ensure that Canada is prepared for the quantum threat to encryption and cybersecurity.  Our work involves helping coordinate the development of the research, technology, tools and training needed for Canadian government and industry to transition successfully to cryptography designed to be safe in the era of quantum computers.  It also involves raising awareness of the economic opportunities that exist in properly managing the transition.

To accomplish this vision, Quantum-Safe Canada draws together stakeholders from the cybersecurity, cryptography, quantum-science and technology research communities, government agencies and select industry sectors with a strong interest in expanding Canada’s capacity to address the need for strong support, coordination and investment.

The global ICT industry currently lacks the people, the expertise and the tools required.  Consequently, there is room for Canada to make a significant difference as we already have the foundation upon which to build the necessary capacity.  Canada’s national security and economic prospects will be greatly enhanced if we succeed.

Urgent coordinated activities are required for Canada to take full advantage of decades of investment in our research and skills base and to reap the security benefits and economic rewards inherent in responding appropriately to the quantum threat.  These rewards will be substantial:  recent studies estimate that the global market will soon reach into the billions of dollars annually.  It is likely that the market for post-quantum cryptography will also be significant.  This would translate into many thousands of jobs worldwide, a significant proportion of which can be captured by Canada if we work together to assert global leadership.

There is a significant history of collaboration among, and a strong skills base in, the fields of quantum information science, cryptography and cyber-security in Canada.  We have the opportunity to organise and execute ahead of other countries, and then commercialise the products of our scientific research for export them abroad, along with our quantum-safe expertise. However, time is of the essence.

Quantum-Safe Canada is committed to Canadian leadership in addressing the quantum threat and taking full advantage of the inherent opportunities.  We are confident that Canada’s strengths and capabilities can be marshaled into global leadership – to the significant benefit of Canada’s national security and the Canadian economy.