Current & Upcoming Events

Leaders of Quantum-Safe Canada annually organize and support a number of events  in Canada and worldwide that support key objectives.  These events include the ETSI-IQC Quantum-Safe Cryptography Workshop, QIP, QCRYPT, TQC and QKD Summer School.  Quantum-Safe Canada will continue to support these and other initiatives as the field quickly grows and matures.

The ETSI-IQC workshop series brings together diverse players in the quantum-safe cybersecurity community to facilitate the knowledge exchange and collaboration required to transition cyber infrastructures and business practices to make them safe in an era with quantum computers.

QIP is the premiere global conference on the theory of quantum information, and its steering group has included academic leaders of Quantum-Safe Canada since its beginnings almost 20 years ago. The event itself has been held in Canada several times.

QCRYPT is the premiere global conference in quantum cryptography, and was initiated by a small steering group that included leaders from Quantum-Safe Canada.  It was  hosted in Canada in 2014.

The TQC conference series started as a workshop in Japan in 2008, and with Canadian leadership has become a global conference that has been held around the world.  It was held in Waterloo in 2009 and in Guelph in 2013.

The International Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Summer School is a five-day program focused on theoretical and experimental aspects of quantum communication with a focus on quantum cryptography. Established in 2008, QKD occurs every other year at the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo and was last held in August 2019.

Current & Upcoming …

The 7th ETSI/IQC Quantum-Safe Cryptography Workshop organized by ETSI in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) will take place on 5 to 7 November 2019 at the Amazon Headquarters in Seattle, USA.

The event will start with an Executive Track (invited talks) on 5 November and will be followed by an in depth Technical Track (with contributed talks and posters) on 6-7 November 2019.

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