The QSC Initiative

Quantum-Safe Canada introduces a structured initiative that is focused on expanding Canada’s capacity.  The emphasis must be on strengthening the research, innovation, commercialisation and talent pipelines needed to accomplish the following:

  • Advanced scientific research into quantum-resistant cryptography, including stronger classical cryptographic algorithms
  • Application and commercialisation of quantum-resistant cryptography
  • Education and training programs to produce a significant cadre of cybersecurity experts with superior quantum-safe skills

The role of Quantum-Safe Canada is multifaceted, centred on targeted research and technology development that provides a bridge between fundamental quantum-safe cryptography research on the one hand and innovations, practical applications and commercialization on the other.

In pursuit or our broader aims, Quantum-Safe Canada acts as an information-sharing hub among university-based researchers across Canada.  Our academic steering committee, consisting of a dozen of Canada’s top scientists in cryptography and cybersecurity, is available to advise the Government and other partners on research priorities and on parameters for determining which research projects and proposals receive support.  In time, Quantum-Safe Canada will employ administrative and program staff responsible for steering innovation and commercialisation activities, export development, and the design and operation of training programs